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      Don Donzal

      Not only do we cover some of the best training that the ethical hacking world has to offer, we also work very closely with training providers to offer a chance at winning seats in their courses. We’re also lucky enough to have a community where owners of these companies actually frequent our forums.

      Thanks Armando for a great prize and for being an EH-Netter.

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      [align=center:vafzdfkq]Win Penetration Testing Professional v2 Course by eLS!!


      On March 21, 2012 eLearnSecurity released a drastically improved verion of the course materials for their professional-level training course, Penetration Testing Course Professional. PTP2 now looks highly more sophisticated, polished and advanced than before with 4 hours of new up to date videos, 800 new slides and completely new modules. PTP2 aims at becoming the most hands-on training course on penetration testing with extremely in-depth course material and two different and highly advanced Virtual Labs integrated within the course itself: Coliseum for web application security and the newly announced Hera Lab. The Professional training course leads to the highly practical eCPPT Certification that certifies penetration testers for both testing and reporting skills. The prize this month is 2 seats worth $799 each of the Penetration Testing Course Professional v2 including:

      Hera Virtual Lab access for 30 hours for each
      Coliseum Lab 30 days access for each
      • 1 eCPPT exam voucher for each

      As always on EH-Net, top contributors are the ones considered for the prize. So 2 lucky EH-Net members will win a wonderful training course simply for participating in the EH-Net COmmunity this month. Past participation is also taken into consideration when deciding on a winner. And be sure to look for a review of PTP2 by EH-Net columnist, Jason Haddix.

      Good luck!!

      [align=center:vafzdfkq]Only members are eligible!
      Registration Is FREE![/align:vafzdfkq]


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      When you say seats do you mean physical seats or is it all done online? I was looking to take the beginners course once I get back to the states. Either theirs or hackingdojo.com’s entry level course. I have a bit of knowledge on the basics but I’d like to have a solid foundation.

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      It’s all online, but I can assure you, it’s good stuff.  v1 was great, and v2 is looking even better, so far.

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      I just have to wait until I have good internet speeds again.  :- Just a few more months to go. The silver lining has been that I’ve had a good deal of time to read and learn and test out here. I have a mini lab set up in my living quarters and a co-worker has let me try his network a few times. 

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      Already signed up, guess I’ll have to wait for next month’s giveaway!

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      Gonna finish college in a month, right timing
      time to get active on the Forum  😛

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      Nice prize  ;D Congratulations to whoever wins 🙂

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      Do we have an ETA for the review on this course… Jason? 🙂

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      WOW, and another great prize! its time to step my game up

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      Let me try this approach:

      Can I have it?


      Thanks  ;D

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