[Article]-A First-Timer’s Experience at Black Hat and DEFCON

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      Don Donzal

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      I was recently contacted by Don from The Ethical Hacker Network (EH-Net) and asked if I was interested in attending the Black Hat USA 2014 Briefings as the winner of a monthly giveaway contest on his site. I had never been to either Black Hat or DEFCON, so I jumped at the chance to see what the fuss was all about. This is a short write-up on my conference experiences to help give future first-timers an idea of what to expect.

      Before getting to my experiences as a BH/DC Virgin, let me share a little about myself. I’ve been performing digital forensics for five years and started studying hacking and pen testing about two and a half years ago. I originally started my studies to improve my forensics skills but it soon became my favorite hobby. I feel that it’s important to include this information, as there is a huge variety of ages, experiences and personalities of the attendees. What you bring as well as what you expect to do can drastically affect your own experience of these two events. Therefore, your mileage will most certainly vary.

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      Sounds really cool, maybe I’ll attend next year.

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      Glad Matt enjoyed the conferences! Always fun hearing about the excitement, especially from first-time attendees!

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      Thanks you two.

      Seph, it’s seriously worth it. I can’t wait to see what Defcon does with the extra space next year.

      Hayabusa, congrats on the prize! I’ve learned quite a bit from your posts over the past few years so it’s well deserved.

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      Thanks, Matt. Appreciated.

      It’s a pleasure. Keep your eyes open, as don and I have been in discussions, and I’ll be posting more book reviews (on a more consistent basis, as well), soon.

      Again, glad you had a great time at the cons.

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