Anyone know where I can find the original pdf or jpg?

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      I’ve been trying to find the pdf or jpg of this poster for the past 2 days and can’t find it anywhere. I searched the posters on EC-Council’s website but it’s not there, and also searched Tripwires site, since their name is on the side of the poster. I know it has a red-ish background, but for the life of me, can’t find it anywhere now. I know there’s a jpg or pdf of it out there somewhere, as that’s how I printed it out years back. Any help in finding the original would be greatly appreciated.

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      I have similar poster (not the same thing) sounds like it’s not official poster. However is it really important to have it??
      If your a student i sugget you to keep learning each day instead of wasting your time with these things. CEH does not make
      a real hacker, its not a very technical course either. So just keep going , learn it, then take the exam an get certified in order to build a career.


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      Don Donzal
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