Anyone done a SANS Mentor course?

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      My manager asked me to look at one of the SANS courses for one of the newer guys on our team. We looked at the SANS mentor course and it looked good until I added up the hours. It’s the same price as a normal SANS course, but it’s spread out over 7 Tuesdays and is 3 hours per night. That’s only 21 hours of class time, so it seems like it would have to be a shortened version of the class. I’m trying to figure out the differences, but the courses look the same to me. I must be missing something.. right?

      Has anyone taken one of these before?

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      Hi, whilst I haven’t done a mentor course before, I have had an instructor who ran a couple. As far as I can tell, it is all the same material, but I would assume that where one would do labs in class, they may be assigned as homework between each session.

      Also, they are usually much smaller than at a conference, adn therefore would be more focused and got get derailed from the topic as often, reducing the time needed to cover the material.

      I could be wrong, someone who has actually done them might have more info.

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      Good Question, i’ll show this to a co-worker who is a mentor, but I suspect John is correct.

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      I took one for SEC 504. It is a bit different.

      Our class was small, 4 people including myself. It was nice because we could easily communicate which subjects we wanted to focus on most.

      The only downsides I could think of.
      – SANS conference would be quicker (downside?)
      – SANS instructors are great, your mentor instructor may or may not be.

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      Thanks for the responses guys. That’s about what I expected. I’m surprised it’s the same cost considering what it looks like you’re missing.

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      I thought the same, I was expecting lower price and more affordable.

      I met an instructor and he said that for her forensic course it is better small class and spread over time.

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