Any last suggestions on preparing for GCIH?

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      It’s me again.  This is probably the last GCIH post I’ll be starting until I actually take the test.  Ok, I’ve gone through the SANS@OnDemand, Mp3s and slides.  I’ve also read and created my own index for Counter Hack: Reloaded.  I am planning on taking the practice test this weekend, follow-up with a few of Ed’s challenges.  Any other recommendations?

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      I think you’ll probably be fine. Your experience along with going through the material should cover you to pass. I was able to get a hold of a practice test and took it without looking at any materials just to see what was covered. I didn’t think it was very difficult, and I scored somewhere in the upper 80’s.

      Sounds like you’re pretty well prepared. Give the practice test a shot and see how you do. They are very similar to the actual exam, just a little easier. So if you can score pretty well on the practice, you should be fine for the exam.

      One cool thing that I liked about the GIAC tests, is that it scores you as you go. So as soon as you hit that ‘passing’ mark, it’s a nice relief for the remaining questions 🙂

      Good luck!

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      Don Donzal

      That sounds pretty good. The only thing I would add is a notebook to write down areas you didn’t completely understand. Even if you got through the questions or challenges, but weren’t 100% positive, then jot it down. Then use that as a guide for further study via the study material you already have, Google and actual hands-on time with the tool.

      Hope that helps and good luck,

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      Thank you sir!  I have a notebook I’ve been updating throughout my studies.  It has all my mp3 notes, and the index. I’ll also be updating it with additional material.  It is my understanding that the second out of the two practice test exams will focus on what I missed during the first exam.

      I look forward to posting that I passed.  (All thanks to EH-Net!!)

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      @unsupported wrote:

      It is my understanding that the second out of the two practice test exams will focus on what I missed during the first exam.

      Got me, I only ever used the first 😛

      When are you planning to take the exam?

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      I wish you good luck, unsupported. Depending on the posts I have read so far from you and your certificates you are already holding I guess you have some knowledge and won’t have big problems on passing the exam. 😉

      Please let us know how it was when you actually did it, Good Luck.

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      Thank you for your good wishes.

      If I am able to get some time this weekend to myself to practice, I plan on taking the test the end of next week.  In fact, I may just go ahead and schedule it.  You know, the perceived complexity of a task will expand to fill the time you alot it (Parkinson’s law).

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