Any computer forensic experts (perhaps work for the police?)

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      Hello. First thread.

      I was curious to know if their were any Forensic Experts who work for a PD or FBI or something like that here? I’m sure their are plenty of IT Forensic experts around here. I want to say its the flip side of the coin when it comes to Pen Testing.

      Anyway, my questions were brief:

      – Why did forensics interest you?
      – What experience/ certs did you need to land your particular job?
      – If you don’t mind mentioning (at least briefly- with some anonymity) where you work, and what you actually do- or an interesting day of work.

      This field interests me but I really have no idea what it is, what it is like- other than the conjured up images/TV-shows that… well… society thinks these people do.

      Any input would be much appreciated.



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      I doubt you will find such guys here.

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      Yes, youre right to be cautious plus recruiters are unnecessary. Also, do you really want to work at a school that is incapable of recruiting its own teachers?

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