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      Hello all!

      My name is Jason and I’m a 24 y/o Consultant and IT tech at Citrix Online. I also run the security website (blog)

      I’m an auto-didactic polymath (I’m constantly learning about everything I can). I got into physical security research four years ago designing ID card mechanisms for a consulting client I was working for. I designed ID cards with security mechanisms such as 3d bar codes, microprint, holograms, Ultra Violet security, watermarks, etc. When I consulted I always got questions related to systems security, auditing, and network testing. Being mostly an OS/hardware technician and CNEE/CCNA guy I decided to test my client network in return for good references.

      I was hooked.

      Ever since I’m been reading, mapping, planning out my future in security. I love everything to do with (E)hacking, Social Engineering, the con community, et cetera. I have most of my experience with network and wireless pentesting, but I’m slowly absorbing more and more webapp knowledge.

      I’ve even applied my journalistic skillz to an interview about the economy and infosec with your own columnist Chris Gates!

      My current projects are a whitepaper on defeating common ID security mechanisms, and getting my OSCP and GPEN certs, and research on a real life fire-sale type of attack (Did you see Live Free Die hard?). All this, along with blogging and working with my security team to get sponsored for my CISSP.

      I’ll continue to read here and hopefully post decent content.

      I just wanted to intro myself and thank you guys(and gals) for an awesome forum!!

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      welcome Jason!

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      Hi Jason,

      Good to have you here and welcome 🙂


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      Welcome Jason 🙂

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      Welcome to the fun!! 😉

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      Don Donzal

      Hey Jason,

      Thanks for the compliment and an example of a great way to introduce yourself to the community.

      Looking forward to your participation,

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