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      I think I’m confused. just received this advice in an email from Mircosoft:

      IMPORTANT:  Because fraudulent (“phishing”) e-mail often uses misleading links, Microsoft recommends that you do not click links in e-mail, but instead copy and paste them into your browsers, as described above.

      How does moving from a culture of blindly clicking on links to blindly cut&pasting said links help protect against phishing??? Oh, and the ‘as described above? is a long and confusing URL….

      Please help, my head hurts….

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      Haha… nice…

      I would guess they’re thinking is that a lot of links are typically similar to “hey, come over to and give us your login!”

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      Michael J. Conway

      I think you are right there Bill. That may very well be the thought process behind it. Though, wouldn’t it make more sense to not go there in the first place? Good defense is always trumped by dumb user.

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      What’s even scarier is that tactic fails to prevent many common phishing tactics.  For instance, using a domain name that looks like the target in specific fonts (substituting 1’s for lower case L’s for instance) or misspelled domain names.  Not to mention that if a link spans multiple lines and it’s sometimes tough for users to cut and paste the whole thing.  Microsoft needs to do their security reading ( first before issuing statements like this 🙁

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      @sgt_mjc wrote:

      Though, wouldn’t it make more sense to not go there in the first place?

      Exactly what makes this “advice” funny 🙂

      RR – can you forward that email over to me?

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      I am sure it will all be fixed once IE8 goes gold 😀

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      @BillV wrote:

      RR – can you forward that email over to me?

      check your inbox 🙂

Viewing 6 reply threads
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