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      Hi. I am a career shifter from an Electrical Engineering background. I used to work as a protection engineer handling protective relays and a bit of logic relay programming.

      I recently got interested in IT particularly Networking, and when I discover about Blue and Red team it made me so interested in these particular aspect of Security and Offense. I started last September and got the CompTIA Network+ then Security+ and recently CCNA last Feb. I am now studying Wireshark / Tshark.

      I did try to look for jobs for an entry SOC position or even NOC position. But as of now no luck. My plan is to learn the blue side of things first before focusing on the Red, reason for this is that If I know how to defend assets then it will help me also in attacking them. Plan also is to strengthen further my knowledge in Networking before jumping into blue.

      What are the key skills that I need in order to land an entry level SOC? Do I need to learn open source tools like Snort?

      Any suggestions or advise? After wireshark I will study Powershell then Python and then Linux together with VMWare.

      Thank you so much and have a great day to everyone.

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