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      Hi all,

      I am trying think of ways to raise money to help fund this years courses I plan on doing. I was thinking of opening up advertising on my website to try raise some funds. What sort of price do you think I could charge or does it depend on how many visits I get ?

      I am hoping to get around $600 for OSCP course and pay rest myself do you think this unrealistic to ask company to advertise on all my pages for a year ? or is this too cheap ?


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      i guess it depends on how many visits you have on your website.
      I had a website about music and i put some advertising on it but i din’t get a lot of money because of the number of visits.

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      hmm Yah that what I kinder was thinking I don’t get many visitors ATM Just trying think ways to raise some cash maybe I can try find more stuff to sell ebay 😛

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