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      I have been contemplating making a career change in the near future(I’m a carpenter) and the computer security field has always interested me. My main concern is financial. When I can get schooling and a few beginner certs out of the way, is the income enough to support a wife and kid? I make around 30k a year now, and for my standard of living it is fine. Will the income at the start be at least close to that? I live in Texas if that makes a difference.

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      Ok, make that two quick questions. What would be the best path to take to get my foot in the door? I’ve been reading here and elsewhere about the different certifications, but I’m not sure about what exactly I would need to start working in the field. Any help is appreciated more than you know.

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      What kind of computer background do you have now? What interests you most about computers/computer security?

      My suggestion would be to work on a few of the entry-level, general concept certifications first so you can get an entry position into the field. You obviously can’t jump to the top right away, everyone has to start somewhere.

      My suggestion would be to look into the following certifications:

      CompTIA A+ : IT Technician
      CompTIA Network+
      CompTIA Security+

      Microsoft Desktop Support Technician

      The nice thing about the MCDST is that you can also get free training through Microsofts online eLearning.

      Why do I suggest these courses? Well, for starters, the CompTIA certifications will provide you with an excellent foundation to walk into just about any entry-level support position. This is what you’ll probably want to look for being a career-changer (something along the lines of ‘desktop support’, ‘helpdesk technician’ etc.). I don’t think you’ll have too much of a problem finding something with a similar salary to where you’re at now. The reason I mention the MCDST is because Windows is everywhere and if that’s what you’re going to support, you should probably know it well.

      Once you’re in, and get some experience, you may find that something else interests you… and any of the above will certainly help you grasp more advanced concepts no matter which route you choose.

      Hopefully that helps answer your questions. And you’ll surely get more responses. Welcome to the community 🙂


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      Thanks for the welcome, and thanks for the reply 🙂  My background is basically just a passion that I partake in after work. I will certainly look into what you have suggested.

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      Thanks crk. The one thing I didn’t do before posting my question was look at job offerings. I probably could have answered my question on my own. I do like to hear from the people that are actually in the trenches though, for their perspective. Thanks for the reply.

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      I think that most of us come from an IT background.  It really helps to have an understand of the technology you are trying to secure. My advice would be to try a part time gig in the IT world and transition into security. 

      Considering the state of the job market, If I was doing it, I would probably considering going part time as a carpenter and part time in IT.  That’s just me though. 

      I completely agree with Bill on the certifications he suggested.  One of the nice aspects of the CompTIA certs is that they are obtainable without going to expensive bootcamps.  You can pass the exam entirely from self-study. 

      Those are my two cents.  I hope this helps.  Good luck to you!

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