64 bit Linux and hacking tools

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      I’m debating a reinstall to 64 bit linux on a beefy new laptop and was hoping someone else had made the jump and had experiences to share with regard to existing tools and compatibility with 64 bit. Are most folks just using a 32 bit VM to use the non-compatible tools or filtering out options based on the architecture?

      Btw, this is what I’m getting ready to buy


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      I personally use a 64-bit host, but run 32-bit guests.  I find it simpler, after a test, to wipe a VM and restore clean, and I’ll occasionally update tools in my VM master images to test, snapshot etc.  Just find it makes life easier, and removes most of the compatibility issues.

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      BackTrack 5 is supposed to be released in 32bit and 64bit versions.

      I use Ubuntu 64bit for my host OS and 32bit for all VM’s except Windows as I didn’t buy a 32bit version as it used to be the host OS

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      I use Ubuntu x64 and have no problems Pen Testing from it. If I did, I’d fire up a VM.

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      My config is MacBook Pro with 8gb of ram and the following Vm’s Backtrack 4 64 bit, win 7 64bit, xp 32 bit x3.  I can wait for backtrack 5 to come out 🙂

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