419 scams go web 2.0

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      just wanted to make sure that no one falls for the latest attack vector from the lads from Lagos, seems they’re moving away from E-mail and now using multimedia to entice their victims. El Reg has a sample here.

      Don’t get caught out,

      P.S. yes I’m not sure if it’s a spoof either, but the genuine scams are that hard to believe in the first place how would you tell?

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      Don Donzal

      This is such a part of their culture, that even rap groups have videos on 419, and on both sides of the argument. One one side they rap about how much money they make & how stupid Americans are. There’s also groups singing about how not everyone from African countries are scammers.

      I’m not going to post them here. You guys are all ‘ethical’ hackers. You can find them.

      Another way to find out more is to watch McAfee’s Stop H*Commerce site with a documentary and other info on this very subject. I’ll start a new thread on it.


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      The vid cracks me up. 😀  I think the emails are more believable than the YouTube vids. I like the comment about British people are good Christians, could it be that British Pounds are more favorable? The scammers could have a job acting in a big budget movie.
      Now, what did I do with that Bot Master password  😉

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