4 days before GCIH test-please help

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      So I’ve taken my two practice tests and my most recent I scored a 69%. I probably could have taken it more seriously but none the less freaking out because I didn’t pass it. I’ve created an index from the books while going through the slides on the OnDemand program. I was just wondering is the actual test harder than the practice tests? Also should I be doing the labs as a practice? With less than a week left what are your recommendations for me to pass the cert. I’m new to the IH industry having only graduated 7 months ago, I just don’t want to fail this test. Thanks for your help in advance.

      Is it worth it to buy an additional practice test since they pull from that question bank for the exam?

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      Do the labs definitely. Also print out man pages for all the tools used in the class and when you make your index make sure its not too sparse or too complete. I used mini post-it notes as tabs in my book so i could find the subject and turn right to the page but too many of those and its too hard to find stuff. The final exam is pretty close to the practice tests but you may want to buy another practice test or see if someone has one available to give away.

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      The actual test is “similar” to the practice test, but as far as I know, they do not pull from the same question bank. I’ve taken three GIAC exams and I’ve never had the same question on a practice test and an actual test. I can’t say whether the 69 is indicative of what you’ll actually score. That depends on how you took the practice test. I’ve found that if I take the practice test as though its the real test – i.e. I use my full index with notes – I tend to score about 5 points lower on the practice test than the real test. The only thing I can attribute this to is that I am not as focused knowing that it’s not “for real.”

      Anyway, go over your notes and your index to make sure the weak spots you’ve identified with the practice tests are fresh in your mind…

      Good luck!!!

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