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      Ello:) I have a small random question. A loooooooong time a go, 2006 ithink, i took a class at my local college. It was a RHCT class that came with a digital version of the course. Then after that class i took a pen test course based on backtrack 1 or 2. I think bT was fresh out of the works at this time. I purchased the lab book and if i remember correctly, i logged into a online VM and practiced what i learned. It was done by offensive security or something like that. I think it was same group who made the BT OS. point is, i found my book a few months back and i would like to practice again, however, i dont remember the lab setup for this. I read through the book but i didnt see anywhere talking about setting stuff. I dont even know if there was a firewall VM used or not.

      does anyone remember this course. Bare in mind its been like 10 years. if not, then should i just try and build a lab based around what the section in the book is about??


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      I don’t know which training you are referring to, but maybe the labs from Offensive Security offer what you are looking for.

      You could also have a look at Vulnhub which offers virtual machines to practice some hands-on security testing or any of the many CTF challenges that are available online.

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      YEAH thats the one. offensive security was the group. But that was 10 years ago and all i have left is my notes and books. but no vms. i need to create some that match what they had. is that possible? i do not remember what they had setup haha

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