100% Pass Rate for CEH Class at ChicagoCon

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     Don Donzal 

    Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the CEH class at ChicagoCon. Everyone passed!!

    Well done and see you next time in the advanced classes!  😉


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    Awesome! Sounds like they had a great instructor! Congrats to all 🙂

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    they did have a great instruction and i heard they got a first class block of instruction on metasploit 🙂

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    Yet another thing to look forward to next year. Hopefully I will have the same success when I take it. Congrats to everyone.

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     Don Donzal 

    Thanks again Chris for your participation in the evening presentations, and the CEH students told me to give you a special thank you for the continuation of the demos in the CEH classroom. You gave them an in-depth look into real pen testing that you just won’t get at other events.


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    thanks Don!

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    I was in the class, and it was a great experience! The instructor was very knowledgable, and pretty laid back. Formed some good friendships as well.

    Anyone who missed ChicagoCon missed out on a great experience. No worries, I hear there will be more. I will be at the next one!

    Thanks for putting together a great week of training, speakers, and capture the flag!

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    Chris, thank you for putting on the Metasploit presentation to us. It helped to see it more indepth, and finally getting to see it work ;D

    Don, excellent conference. I think I have a bunch more people interested in going to the spring conference.  You definately made it worth the trip!

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    That’s excellent news. Congrats to all who took part and all who worked to make it such a success.


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    That’s excellent news!  Congrats!  😉

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