Webcast Exclusive: HD Moore Personally Offers Sneak Preview of New Metasploit Version


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HD Moore Personally Offers Sneak Preview of the New Metasploit  

In this EH-Net exclusive webinar, HD Moore gives a technical sneak peek of the next version of Metasploit Pro before it is available for download. The webinar includes a live demo of a Metasploit Pro pre-release version. This webinar will focus on new penetration testing features in the new version, including improvements of existing features and completely new functionality. The webinar will focus on the commercial edition Metasploit Pro, Rapid7’s flagship product for penetration testing and vulnerability verification, but also include information on improvements in the free, open source Metasploit Framework. hd_moore_pic.jpg

HD Moore is Chief Security Officer at Rapid7 and Chief Architect of Metasploit, the leading open-source penetration testing platform. HD founded the Metasploit Project in the summer of 2003 with the goal of becoming a public resource for exploit code research and development. Prior to joining Rapid7 and continuing his work on the Metasploit Framework, HD was the Director of Security Research at BreakingPoint Systems, where he focused on the content and security testing features of the BreakingPoint product line. Prior to BreakingPoint, HD spent seven years providing vulnerability assessments, leading penetration tests, and developing exploit code.

Date:  Thursday, July 28, 2011
Time:  2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT


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Rapid7 NeXpose, which received the highest rating of “Strong Positive” in Gartner’s Marketscope for Vulnerability Assessment 2011, leverages one of the largest vulnerabilities databases to identify vulnerabilities that represent the greatest threat to your organization

Metasploit Pro is enterprise-grade software for security professionals who specialize in penetration testing and require an advanced solution for multi-level attacks that enables them to get deeper into networks more efficiently. Rapid7 offers a free, fully featured trial version of Metasploit Pro for you to download.

With more than one million unique downloads in the past year, the free and open source Metasploit Framework is the world’s most popular exploit development and penetration testing platform.

As the Metasploit Project sponsor, and in cooperation with the open source community, Rapid7 is continuously expanding the exploit library and creating a broader platform with publicly available exploits, helping organizations to stay ahead of the changing threat landscape.

The Metasploit Framework enables:

  • Network security professionals to perform penetration tests
  • System administrators to verify patch installations
  • Software developers to perform regression testing

The Metasploit Framework enables you to:

  • Distinguish real threats from false positives to speed and simplify remediation
  • Prioritize penetration tests based on automated vulnerability scans
  • Pinpoint exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, operating systems, Web applications and databases
  • Add standard and custom exploits for pen-testing real-time

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