Video: Abusing Windows Remote Management (WinRM) with Metasploit

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rapid7_logo.jpgIn this technical webinar for penetration testers originally delivered on Dec 4, 2012, David Maloney discussed how you can use Windows Remote Management and Windows Remote Shell to obtain a session on a host while avoiding detection through anti-virus solutions. Participants learned:

• Capabilities of Windows Remote Management (WinRM) and Windows Remote Shell (WinRS)
• Discovering hosts running these services
• Brute forcing the services to obtain passwords
• Running WMI Queries and running commands
• Getting and migrating shells to a more persistent process

David Maloney, a Software Engineer on Rapid7’s Metasploit team, is responsible for development of core features for the commercial Metasploit editions. Before Rapid7, he worked as a Security Engineer and Penetration Tester at Time Warner Cable and as an Application Security Specialist for a global insurance company. David has been a long-time community contributor to the Metasploit Framework. He is one of the founders of Hackerspace Charlotte and is an avid locksport enthusiast.

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In addition to the video of the entire presentation and Q&A embedded below, we’ve also made the presenter’s slide deck available for download here.

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The Metasploit Framework enables:

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