Reverse Engineering 101 – Newbie Contest and Webcast with eLearnSecurity

Details on the new training course from eLearnSecurity is out! There’s been some buzz about the new eLS course and what it could possibly be. As the above title indicates, one of the premier online training organizations is getting into RE. If you are interested in Software Reverse Engineering, either driven by curiosity or by the dream to become a professional in this subject, then the Advanced Reverse Engineering of Software (ARES) course is just what you need to get all the theoretical and practical knowledge to start your journey into the world of RE. And it starts right here with Reverse Engineering 101.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a webcast or a hacking contest, so why not combine them into one big EH-Net Special Event? And to get your Holiday Season rolling in proper EH-Net fashion, we’re also able to offer 5% Off with Coupon Code: EH-Net-5-eLS, even before the official launch date of Nov 26. So go reserve your seat now.

So here’s what we’ve cooked up for all of you EH-Netters out there. Just like you, eLS is also driven by passion, so they prepared a small challenge for their future students. Below is an executable just begging to be broken. You’ll have until Monday Dec 9 to break it. If you do, you’ll be entered into a pool of candidates where one of you will win the entire ARES course + Certification Exam for free! Then stay tuned for a future article with a full write-up as well as a video containing an Intro to RE, the solution to the challenge and the announcement of the winner. Good Luck.

Reverse Engineering 101 Contest Steps

  1. Get the exe to be hacked: elearnsecurity_eh-net_re_challenge2013.7z
  2. Break it open and start exploring.
  3. The only rule for the challenge is that it has to be solved by creating a valid key file named eLearnSecurity.dat. No patching is allowed! Test your dat file using the exe. If successful, then send your solution to els_re_2013 @ ethicalhacker . net with the Subject: eLS RE Challenge 2013 by Monday Dec 9, 2013. You will be notified if you made into the winners pool.

If you can’t solve it, don’t be scared. It only means that you have the passion but you miss the knowledge, and this is what eLS guarantees to offer to you. Still, if you manage to solve it, then you know that there is so much still to learn. eLS guarantees that through the ARES course, you will learn much more in order to enhance your technical skills.

More on the Advanced Reverse Engineering of Software (ARES) course from eLS:

This fundamental course teaches you the theoretical and practical knowledge required to perform advanced reverse engineering of software on assembly level in third party software and/or malware. Through a series of lessons, which also involve several challenges to be solved and to play with, you will be taught all the necessary skills to succeed as a professional reverse engineer (and not just acquire a superficial understanding of how to use reversing tools).

During your advanced reverse engineering training you will learn several methods used to identify, isolate, and finally analyse the portions of any code which are of high interest. You also learn about the most common Windows APIs utilized for file, memory and registry manipulation by either software protections (such as packers) or malware.
Additionally, the training does also focus on several packers in order to give you as the student all the essential knowledge and understanding of manual unpacking. This is one of the most important parts of advanced reverse engineering.
On top of all these exciting topics, you will also get insights into the most common anti-reversing tricks, including different code obfuscation methods. Not only will you analyse their mechanisms, but also learn how these can be bypassed in order to successfully perform the reverse engineering process.


  • 14 highly technical modules
  • All technical chapters include challenges with walk-throughs
  • 10 applications to reverse engineer
  • All technical chapters include demonstration videos
  • 6 hours of video material
  • Successful completion of the course and examination leads to the prestigious eCRE certification.

Go Get ‘Em

Thanks in advance for participating. If you have any questions, please use the forum thread associated with this post. Please be careful not to give away any clues to the answer.
Have fun!!

Donald C. Donzal
The Ethical Hacker Network Online Magazine


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