Serenity Hack

| June 14, 2007

serenity_logo.jpgHello, Challenge fans! The Intelguardians crew is back this month with another challenge to tickle your fancy and bake your noodle. This month, Matthew Carpenter takes the helm, penning a challenge based on the movie Serenity. Shockingly, a recent SFX magazine poll found that Serenity had overcome Star Wars as the most popular Sci-Fi movie among its readers. It’s amazing what someone can accomplish with a bot-net voting in these on-line polls… Isn’t it, Matt? I hope you enjoy the challenge, as you help the Serenity crew thwart a nasty bot-net to escape the Reavers and the Alliance.

Remember, as always, we’ll award three prizes: One for the best technical answer, one for the most creative answer that is technically correct, and one awarded to a winner chosen randomly. Thus, if you can’t answer all of the questions, still send something in to qualify for the random winner. This month’s prize is my book, Malware: Fighting Malicious Code, which I authored with Lenny Zeltser.

–Ed Skoudis, Intelguardians
Author, Counter Hack Reloaded

Active Image Active Image Slashdot It! Malware: Fighting Malicious Code, congratulating you on your victory and amazing abilities!

For the picture above and some other cool Serenity and Firefly inspired backgrounds,
visit The Sci-Fi Desktop Wallpaper Web.


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