Microsoft Office Space: A SQL With Flair – Answers and Winners

| July 5, 2007


Thanks again to Tom, Ed and the folks at Intelguardians. Tom has plowed through all of the entries and has picked out the best technical and the best creative answer. And as always the fancy coin toss has produced yet another lucky random winner. All three will get signed copipes of Ed and Tom's book, Counter Hack Reloaded.

Tom, never one to be predictable, has a new way of presenting the answers. As fans of our Skillz Challenges know, the author usually presents his answers and then reveals the winners. In fact, the last time Tom revealed answers, he did it all in rhyme (Netcat in the Hat)! But this time, we had such a thoroughly great answer submitted by the creative winner, that Tom felt it was better than anything he could put together. Read on to see just how good this one is.

Active Image Active Image Slashdot It!

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