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EH-Net would like to thank the security community for making this second challenge, "Hack Bill!" based on the Quentin Tarantino film, Kill Bill!, even more popular than the first. With your continued support we can continue that trend when the third installment of the Skillz H@ck1ng Challenge hits newstands September 1.

The sheer nature of a challenge, with one person creating it and someone else submitting answers, is very similar to the Instructor – Student relationship. And, like taking a class, the best ROI is not from the instructor to the student. It's actually from the student to the instructor and from each student to the other. These challenges are no different.

But, even though we had a number of great answers, there can be only one! OK, there's actually 2 winning entries and a third random winner, but you get the point. Coming to the podium is Mike Poor to tell you…

… And The Winners Are…

Skillz Sponsored by Core Security Technologies

First of all I would like to thank all the readers of Ethicalhacker.net for all of your submissions and for your patience in waiting for the results. It was difficult to pick the winner for this challenge, as we had so many wonderful submissions. Even though we try to maintain two categories, we have picked a technical winner that is both accurate, informative, and very creative.

Our Technical Winner is…

Dean De Beer Dean's solution is both very creative and technically correct.

Click HERE for the Technical Winning Entry.

Our Creative Winner is…

Hans-Martin Vogt-Ostmann

Click HERE for the Creative Winning Entry.

I really enjoyed the answers from many readers, and learned a number of new techniques and tricks. Of course we can't forget those that tried and didn't quite make it.

Our Random Winner is…

David Smith

Note: While many people found the wikipedia entry for the word Otaku, indicating its use as to describe a manga fanatic… the word is commonly used to describe geeks of any variety 🙂 This was actually a hidden message for my great friend and otaku, Ed Skoudis. He has, for quite some time, been hidding secret messages in base64, hex/ascii and other methods in his challenges.

– Mike Poor, Intelguardians

Each winner has been contacted using the email address from their submission and gets a free copy of Counter Hack Reloaded autographed by Ed Skoudis and Mike Poor congratulating you on your victory and amazing abilities!



For fun, try this Kill Bill! Edition of SLAX (Small Bootable Linux Distro)

SLAX KillBill Edition v 5.1.6

SLAX KB is a pocket operating system with the ability to run many Windows applications natively in Linux. It contains KDE, wine, dosbox and qemu.



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