Ed Skoudis' Top 10 Hacking Resources

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CSP Online Mag recently interviewed one of the most respected hacking experts in the industry, Ed Skoudis. Many of you may know him as the author of Counter Hack, as a top instructor for the SANS Institute or for his hacking demos for the US Senate. Either way, his reputation is well deserved. Here his top 10 hacking resources.

In no particluar order, here they are:

1) isc.sans.org, the Internet Storm Center. I read the Handler’s diary every single day for the latest activities of the bad guys and how to thwart them.
2) www.securityfocus.com What a great collection of useful tips and fascinating articles about our industry!
3) www.packetstormsecurity.org This huge archive of attack and defense tools is invaluable.
4) www.metasploit.com This tool has revolutionized the development and use of exploit tools. Very amazing stuff.
5) www.insecure.org The nmap port scanner is fantastic, a must for every would-be attacker.
6) www.snort.org Snort is a great IDS.. learn it, live it, love it!
7) www.bleedingsnort.com These folks have really pushed the envelope of snort development. Nifty ideas there, to be sure!
8) www.counterhack.net My own website, with some useful and entertaining information (I hope!)
9) Information Security Magazine This mag is the best one in our business, with a huge amount of useful info in every issue.
10) www.sans.org The SANS reading room is chock full of useful tidbits, and I learn a lot every time I go there.


Look for more content from Ed Skoudis in the Fall.

Mr. Ed Skoudis is a founder and Senior Security Consultant with Intelguardians. Ed’s expertise includes hacker attacks and defenses, the information security industry, and computer privacy issues. He has performed numerous security assessments, designed information security governance and operations teams for Fortune 500 companies, and responded to computer attacks for clients in financial, high technology, healthcare, and other industries. Ed conducted a demonstration of hacker techniques against financial institutions for the United States Senate and is a frequent speaker on issues associated with hacker tools and defenses. He has published several articles on these topics, as well as the Prentice Hall best seller, Counter Hack: A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses. His latest book is titled Malware: Fighting Malicious Code. Ed was also awarded a 2004 and a 2005 Microsoft MVP award for Windows Server Security, and is a member of the Honeynet Project. Previous to Intelguardians, Ed served as a security consultant with International Network Services (INS), Predictive Systems, Global Integrity, SAIC, and Bell Communications Research (Bellcore).

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