ToorCon San Diego 2013

| June 12, 2013
October 16, 2013 – October 21, 2013 all-day
San Diego Westin Emerald Plaza
400 West Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101
Conference $80+, Workshop = $950+, Seminar = $650+

ToorCon San Diego 2013 LogoToorCon San Diego 2013

The Conference portion of ToorCon San Diego 2013 will kick off on Friday, October 18th with Registration at 1900, a reception at 1930 and will be followed by one day of 50 minute talks and a second day of 20 minute talks. The conference continues through the weekend until the Sunday Night Party.


This year’s ToorCon San Diego is offering four exclusive 2-day hands-on training workshops focused on various aspects of computer security. The workshops will be taking place on October 16th-17th and include meals, hardware, and tools necessary to participate in the workshop (you just supply the laptop). We are also offering a discount when you register for both the workshops and the seminars. All workshops attendees get admission to the Conference. The workshops are being held at the Emerald Plaza Westin on the 3rd Floor Ivory Room, Pearl Room, and Coral Rooms.


ToorCon San Diego 2013’s Deep Knowledge Seminar sessions are aimed to provide the best information for decision makers and IT/IS professionals. Entrance to the seminars includes admission to all of the seminar talks on Friday, October 18th, complementary breakfast and lunch, and general Conference admission. We are also offering a discount when you register for both the workshops and the seminars.


This year’s ToorCon will feature a few different contests. Please check here for more details and notify the contest organizers if you wish to participate so they have a better idea of how many people will show up.

ToorCon San Diego 2013 - Emerald Plaza

Toorcon Tamper Evident Contest

by datagram

We’ve all used a tamper-evident device before; “tamper proof” shipping tape, evidence bags, padlock seals, and so on. How secure are these technologies, and how can they can be beaten? The goal of this contest is to test your skills against these technologies, particularly tamper-evident or “tamper-proof” bags, tapes, sticks, and mechanical or electronic seals.

Each team is given a box sealed with a variety of tamper evident devices. Your first goal is to open the box and all objects within while leaving as little evidence as you can. There are various challenges inside to test your tampering skills — get them done! Second, re-seal all objects inside and outside the box, including the box itself, to make it look like it was never tampered with. Finally, document each step of the contest to explain what you encountered and how you defeated it.

Lockpicking Village

The Lockpicking Village is a special area where attendees can learn about locks, safes, and physical security. Attendees are given hands-on training with lockpicking, safecracking, and many other methods of attack. Some features of the village:

  • Practice locks of varying difficulty to test your skills
  • Safe and vault locks for those who want to try safecracking
  • Collection of high security locks from around the world
  • Mini-lectures throughout the weekend on various topics

This year’s lockpicking village is brought to you by


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