SkyDogCon 2013

| August 15, 2013
October 23, 2013 – October 28, 2013 all-day
Hotel Preston
733 Briley Parkway
Nashville, TN 37217

SkyDogCon 2013 - LogoSkyDogCon 2013 – The South’s Premier Hacker/Maker Conference

Is this your first “Hacker” Con? Maybe not quite sure what to expect at an IT Security Conference?

Some people feel a little intimidated being surrounded by a group of hackers and are a little unsure, apprehensive, or just paranoid about what to expect. This session, set Thursday night before the Con gets going is set aside for the new Con goers to give those new to the Hacker Con scene a few tips on what to expect and a forum to ask questions in a smaller crowd. There are no stupid questions!

  • Is the Hotel WiFi Network Safe?
  • Should I turn off the Bluetooth on my phone?
  • Should I use the Hotel ATM in the lobby?
  • Is it ok if I use my credit card while here?
  • What can I expect as the weekend unfolds?

These are all fair and very valid questions many who are new want to, or should ask before attending a Hacker Con, and answers will be provided by SkyDog himself, along with a team of veteran hackers and professionals.

This session also gives new Con goers an opportunity to meet and interact with the SkyDogCon Team as well as get to know some of their fellow Con goers in a relaxed setting. This session is a must attend for new folks.


Join us for in-depth, two-day training courses delivered by some of the leading experts in the hacker/builder community. The 2013 courses are held on October 23rd and 24th and include:

  • Intro to Pen Testing by Georgia Wiedman
  • Ulitimate Hacking: Human by Foundstone
  • Duplicity: Red and Blue Team Training by Duplicity
  • Hard Drive Recovery Triage by Scott Moulton

Fee: $1000 (includes one registration for SkyDogCon 2013 on October 25-27).

Don’t miss out, reserve your spot now. If you have already registered for SkyDogCon and would like to add a pre-conference seminar, email

Hardware Hacking Area

So if you are one of the early bird registrants you get one of those awesome electronic badges. Did you know you can do some other cool things aside from just wearing it? Did you get an electronic badge from last year that you want to play with? The SkyDogCon Hardware Hacking Area has plenty of spare parts and gadgets to play with. We will have kits on hand if you want to learn to solder, or if you are in the mood to make something or modify something else, we have soldering stations and the like available for use.

Lockpick Area

Have you ever wanted to know how they pick locks on TV shows? Well… they don’t, but you can! Whether you are new and have never tried picking a lock, or you are a veteran and want to hone your skills, you will find fun and challenges in our Lockpick Area. Spend time learning and practicing your craft with lockpickers at every skill level. This is a great place to sit and relax with your fellow con-goers while learning valuable survival techniques/bar tricks/security methodology.

Hosted by the FOOLS! (Fraternal Order of Lock Sport) The FOOLS will have lockpicks available to practice with, as well as to buy if you want to continue practicing at home after the Con. They might even have a contest with an award at the SkyDogCon Awards Ceremony on Sunday morning.


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