Nuit du Hack 2013

| June 13, 2013
June 22, 2013 – June 24, 2013 all-day
Disney's Hotel New York® Convention Centre
+33 1 78 76 58 00

Nuit Du Hack 2013Nuit du Hack 2013 Post-apocalypse

In 2000, when the first hackerzvoice appears, a hackers community was born in France, which braved time and slogs thanks to its members’ philosophy.The moto even became through times “HZV will never die”, which symbolizes the ruggedness and unity of the team.

This community is the oldest and only one still alive in France. But the end of the world hasn’t happened yet, an important change will occur this year.Not long ago, the community had become an association and intends to develop the values of its creation: informing, diffusing and demystifying.

The goal is to become a real structure to develop real projects. The Nuit du Hack is an example of the Hackerzvoice’s projects since 2003, but others will come before the end of the year. Being united by an association to arm our ship and conquer this non ending ocean which is the Hacking.

A proverb says: “Diamonds cut diamonds”. To sum up, you have to be more audacious than the assailant, which can be adapted for the hacking universe. It would well sum up why being audacious is one of the most important qualities for a hacker. We have audacity, we have passion, what about you ? Help us building the future whith HZV!

The Nuit du Hack is a very good example of what HZV can share but also the different people taking part of this hacking conference.Each year, we intend to teach, surprise to give your more and more. For this 2013 edition, there will be several innovations.

The wargame will be entirely cabled, you will be asked to come with a minimum 5 meters long cable. A WIFI network will be available in the all Conference Center of Disney. A new room will open to welcome the CTF Challengers, which will be open to the general public in the evening. As usual there will be many talks, workshops and activities at the Nuit du Hack and we have the duty to surprise you.Many surprises will be waiting for you there for you to spend an unforgettable Nuit du Hack.

This is why we invite all hackers from all over the world to come to this event and share the values that built it.

Many hands make light work, increasing it make it lighter.

HZV will never die.

What is the “Nuit du Hack” ?

Initiated in 2003 by a crew of people, who got together under the name of “HackerzVoice” and inspired by the famous and biggest US hacking event named “DEFCON”. “La nuit du hack” is one of the oldest French underground hackers’ event which bring together, professionals and amateurs of any skill level, around lectures and challenges. Regardless of their skill, guests come to see and talk about the latest advances in IT Security to assess and/or improve their level. To improve quality and accessibility of this event, the 2010 edition hosted many English-speaking conferences and workshops.

Started with 20 persons, the event never stopped growing up by gathering more and more people from amateurs to the professionals. In 2011, it saw several international renowned speakers and gripped more than 950 guests including more than 50 challengers. During this edition we had the privilege to host world-famous speakers.

Computer security and hacking

Development of new technologies thrown up new kinds of dangers for companies and end users. Most of time, attackers aim to gain full access on victim’s private systems, this operation is also known as “Be root” or “Have a rooted system”. Attackers are then, able to use the rooted computer, as if they were the owner of it, without his permission. Consequences can be dramatic. Computer Security includes all the techniques, skills and methodologies to ensure the integrity of automated information systems of all kind, and protect them against threats. Hacking can be defined as the passion of people which are looking for programs bugs, and ways to vanish it to prevent users from risks and/or intrusions. It is also a willingness to share information publicly, and give to everyone the opportunity to understand, learn and participate in the development of new security technologies.


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