HouSecCon 2013

| August 30, 2013
October 18, 2013 – October 19, 2013 all-day
Westin Houston Memorial City
945 Gessner Road
Houston, TX 77024
$25, VIP = $50, Metasploit Training = $300

HouSecCon 2013 - LogoHouSecCon 2013 – AKA HouSecCon 4

HouSecCon 2013 is a community event. We take pride in being part of a non-profit organization that is trying to expand the InfoSec community in Houston, in all of Texas, the USA, and the World! So that means we need volunteers! The day will be packed with activities, and we are looking for volunteers to help make this event successful.

HouSecCon, THE Houston Security Conference, is proud to announce that HD Moore, Rapid7 chief research officer and Metasploit chief architect,will be the keynote speaker at the HouSecCon 2013 conference, taking place in Houston, TX, on October 18, 2013. As the Metasploit Project founder and internationally recognized security expert, HD is known for his contributions to the security industry and open source community.

Special Events 2013

Lockpick Village

Come join jgor and Locksport International for some fun with locks in a safe and responsible atmosphere. Buy some lockpick sets and locks and practice at home!

Be sure to read the Ethics before you join the fun.

Capture-the-Flag (CTF)

jgor and crew are also putting together the CTF for the conference. Details below:

DigiModo CTF – by atx2600

Goal: Escalate your way through a simulated corporate network of ~10 machines to eventually compromise the CA signing key and issue yourself a valid cert.

Scenario: You are a new employee at the DigiModo Certificate Authority corporation, but you find out your salary is not quite what was agreed upon. To get back at your employer, you’ve decided to hit them where it hurts: steal the certificate authority’s root signing key so you can sign your own certificates as them. Through a number of network, application, and system vulnerabilities you are able to escalate your way through this corporate network to achieve your goal. How quickly can you pwn a CA?


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