BSides Las Vegas 2013

| June 5, 2013
July 31, 2013 – August 1, 2013 all-day
Tuscany Suites & Casino
255 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169

BSides Las Vegas 2013 LogoBSides Las Vegas is one of the hottest names in InfoSec!

We have an amazing array of speakers each year, from Pen Test, Forensics, Incident Response, and every facet of Security. With Lockpick Village, uncensored talks, proximity to the biggest InfoSec conference in the world, and sold-out registration every year, BSidesLV is the place to be seen, heard, and talked about.

BSidesLV 2013 will consist of four speaking tracks and one workshop track.

  • Track 1 – Breaking Ground: Bleeding edge discussions and hot button topics on up and coming issues and the “Next Big Thing”.
  • Track 2 – Common Ground: BSidesLV is a community conference. Common Ground is here for topics of interest to the community.
  • Track 3 – Proving Ground: An arena for speakers new to the scene to find their voice in a public setting.
  • Track 4 – Underground: Totally OTR, speakers and titles will only be announced at the conference or with prior permission of the speakers themselves.
  • Track 5 – Training Ground: Half-day to two-day workshops or classes with a limit of 18 people per workshop.


The Pros V Joes CTF brings together experienced Hackers and Info Sec practitioners with those looking to learn The Art. Teams will be forged of the hardened mettle of Professionals, blended with the raw potential of Regular Joe’s. For the first part of day one, these teams will defend their respective networks against a team of all seasoned Professionals, who will be breaking in and stealing flags. During the second half of day one, the Professionals will review for the Joes what happened – both how they were able to break into the defending team’s networks, and how the Joes can better defend against those attacks. For the second day, all Professionals will join the teams of Joes to assist them with the day’s event. Each team will strike out against all other teams, breaking into their systems while also defending themselves against their fellow competitors. Teams will gain points for flags stolen from the other teams, but they will also lose points when their own flags are stolen. Each team will be defending a set of critical services (web, dns, mail, etc). Uptime for these services will increase to the team’s score, while down time will cost them points. The team with the highest points wins. The entire competition will be held in a virtual environment provided by Wilmington University. Players need only sign up and bring their own laptop to VPN in to access the virtual environment using vSphere. Flags will be hidden in a mix of textbook and real world vulnerabilities. These include, but are not limited to: basic server misconfigurations, web application vulnerabilities, network level vulnerabilities, cryptography, and binary reverse engineering. Flag values will also vary based on level of difficulty to reach that flag (basic SQL injection being low level, more difficult binary reversing being higher level.) A scoring server will be in place to grant scoring for stolen flags, check uptime and functionality of scored services.

The CTF is sponsored by Cal Poly Pomona and Wilmington University’s Computer and Network Security Department.


Ladies and gentlemen, we are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with BSides Las Vegas to bring the World Championship of Social Engineering capture the flag (CTF). As with any World Championship we have the SE world champ belt up for grabs. (With squirrels of course.)

So what exactly is this? Well it is the most in-depth, get your hands dirty, no holds barred social engineering engagement. We are pulling out all of the stops on this one, there is nothing that is too far or fantastic, as a lot of research and polling has taken place to put together several Social Engineering scenarios and tie them together into a massive two day CTF, which is accessible to ALL backgrounds and ALL skill levels. Think of the things you have always wanted to try on a pentest or maybe something you read about but that would be illegal to try, well now you can, in a safe environment. Over the two days of BSides Las Vegas 2013 you will be faced with insane tasks, obstacles and killer squirrels, leading up to a final report (just like in the real world). Prepare for fun, challenges and the unexpected as this is the World Championship of Social Engineering.


FALE (FALE Association of Locksport Enthusiasts) will once again be hosting a Lockpick Village that folks can visit to talk about physical security, learn to pick locks or talk about advanced picking techniques and tips. There will be plenty of locks and spare picks to play with, so be sure to stop by! For more information about FALE, visit

We wish to thank Trustwave for their generous sponsorship of this year’s LVP. Their support will ensure that FALE will be able to bring a great villiage for everyone to play in.

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