Webinar: Basics of IoT Hacking for the Career Pen Tester on Sept 27 2018

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Join Jacob Holcomb (AKA Gimppy) of SOHOpelessly Broken fame & principal researcher for Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), the people behind the IoT Villages of DEF CON, RSA, DerbyCon and more, for live demos of hacking IoT devices, the methodology for repeatable success and career opportunities for those with IoT Hacking skills during a FREE EH-Net Live! webinar on Thursday September 27, 2018 at 1:00 PM US Eastern.

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EH-Net Live! Sept 2018 - Basics of IoT Hacking for the Career Pen Tester - Sept 27, 2018

IoT is not only a hot buzzword, but the sheer number of devices shows that it’s living up to the hype. The benefits can be a game changer for any organization. But at the pace with which the technology is being adopted, we as security professionals know all too well what happens when speed to market is the highest priority. As Trinity said, “You have been down there, Neo. You know that road. You know exactly where it ends. And I know that’s not where you want to be.” On the other hand, this gives us a huge opportunity in the field of IoT security research and bug hunting.

IoT devices are beautiful not only because of their capabilities in such a small package, but also because they are a wonderful merging of several technologies. But with each new added feature, the attack surface gets that much bigger. And anywhere there’s a way in for an attacker, there’s also a paying gig for a security professional… before, during and after a product is released.

Join the experts from Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), the people that bring you IoT Village at DEF CON, DerbyCon, RSA and many others, as they guide you through the inner workings of this great field of ethical hacking with a live demo, discussing career paths, and additional resources to keep you educated in this rapidly changing industry. From those in the maker movement to InfoSec professionals, IoT hacking isn’t just a fun skill, but a lucrative one!

Agenda for “Basics of IoT Hacking for the Career Pen Tester”:

Note: Subject to Change
  • Intro by Don Donzal, EH-Net Editor-in-Chief
  • Preso by Jacob Holcomb of ISE
    • About ISE
    • IoT Hacking 101
    • Attack Vectors
      • Hardware / Firmware
      • WebApps
      • Network
      • Wireless Comms
      • Cloud
      • Et al
    • Building Your Skillset
    • Live Demo
    • Career Opportunities
      • Security Software Dev
      • Network Pen Tester
      • Security Analyst or Bug Hunter
  • Q&A
  • Post Game on EH-Net in the “IoT Group

Although this is a free event, registration is required. Capacity is limited so join early. Our virtual doors to the webinar open 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Feel free to invite your friends and colleagues that might be interested in IoT Hacking, too.

EH-Net Live! September 2018 – Guest Bio

EH-Net Live! Sept 2018 - Basics of IoT Hacking for the Career Pen Tester - Super JakeJacob Holcomb (AKA Gimppy) is the principal researcher on several pieces of ISE research, including the landmark publication SOHOpelessly Broken, which discovered over 50 new 0-day vulnerabilities in network routers and served as the foundation for the first-ever router hacking contest at DEFCON. He is skilled in penetration testing, application security, network security, and exploit research and development. A highly regarded speaker, he has presented at security conferences such as BlackHat USA, BlackHat Europe, DEFCON, DerbyCon, BSidesDC, and many others. In addition to projects at work, coding, and his favorite pastime of EIP hunting, Jacob loves to hack his way through the interwebz and has responsibly disclosed dozens of 0-day vulnerabilities in commercial products and services.


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     Don Donzal 

    Register Now and Learn IoT Hacking Step-by-Step! Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), the people behind the IoT Villages of DEF CON, RSA, DerbyCon a
    [See the full article at: Webinar: Basics of IoT Hacking for the Career Pen Tester on Sept 27 2018]

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     Don Donzal 

    Help spread the word. Please RT: https://twitter.com/ethicalhacker/status/1039041995791052800


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     Don Donzal 

    Thrilled to have Jacob Holcomb (AKA Gimppy) of SOHOpelessly Broken fame as the official presenter from ISE.

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    Hi, this was an awesome presentation. I missed the first 30 minutes but I stayed until the end. The presenter, Jake, was very generous with his time and information presented. Thank you!

    Jean Morissette

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       Don Donzal 

      Good thing you missed the beginning. We had a video issue, so you only hear me talking. But it was straightened out after about 8 minutes. D’oh!!

      We’ll fix it in post. 😉


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    Great Webinar.
    How many CPE credits are earned with this webinar?

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       Don Donzal 

      Depends on where you’re applying them. As an example, ISC2 asks for number of hours. The webinar and Q&A went 2 hours. Phew! 😉 So just follow the instructions on what type of CPE it is, and punch in the hours.

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     Don Donzal 

    Video and Slide Deck Now Available! Any further conversation should be in the Comments Section of that article.

    Help spread the word with a RT: https://twitter.com/ethicalhacker/status/1047504853847691269

    Thanks and enjoy,

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