How Important Is It to Take CCNA Course for IT Professionals?

Computer transformed the working techniques in the organizations by making it easier and feasible for the companies to achieve their targets and manage sustainable growth in the organization. It has simplified the means of communicating to the clients all over the world. The data are easily transferred and can get connected to elsewhere for the operations and working purposes. It is considered as a complex form of a field of work by many people and requires a detailed study guidelines to pursue a career in networking or in the world of Information Technology.

If you are a computer person and prefer to spend time with the latest technologies invented, understanding the basic techniques of using the networks, software and systems, then opting a career in routing and switching or as a networking technician is not a bad decision for you. Careers in routing and switching has grown tremendously over the years with the advancements of technology. CCNA has a growing demand all over the world. People who are likely interested in pursuing careers in fields such as networking, IT, Routing and switching prefer to obtain the CCNA as the right certification for their career in the mentioned fields. Obtaining CCNA course in Jeddah might not be as easy as you may find it in the first place. CCNA course is expensive to acquire for the majority of the candidates. The difficulty level of the certification requires the individual to get proficient preparation, knowledge and training so it will be easier for the candidate to pass the examination. Working on the position of Network Administrator in a well reputed organization and performing the tasks with an ample knowledge, it is important for you to get the CCNA certification. CCNA will provide an initial advantage of your career for getting into this field.

Before finalizing the choice to get CCNA course in Jeddah it is important for the candidate to understand the syllabus and course outline thoroughly. The major topics that are covered in the CCNA certification for to be a professional network administrator are:

IP Data Networks

Sufficient information is provided in CCNA for IP data networks where individual will have to learn the functions of data network completely. The network consist of various devices that perform multiple functions and have different purposes that is analyzed in IP data network.

LAN Switching

The candidate will learn about the ways to operate switches in LAN switching. This will also guide for how the Ethernet works.

IP Addressing

Why IPV4 and IPv6 are needed is discussed in this part of the syllabus.

IP Routing

The basic knowledge of what routing is and how it works.

IP services

The candidate understands about what DHCP is and how DHCP is verified on the Cisco router.

Network Security

How you are able to switch port security by using switch port router. The techniques of maintaining the network secured and safe are studied in this.


This will guide you to troubleshoot multiple networking issues taking place in the network systems.

WAN technologies

The candidate will be introduced to various WAN technologies in this part of the syllabus.

CCNA course is a good career opportunity for individuals in Jeddah who are interested in studying the above mentioned information related to networking.

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