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Get Published on EH-NetCan I really get published on EH-Net?

Welcome to The Ethical Hacker Network and our extended family, the EH-Net Community Members. Although EH-Net is an online magazine with all of our content free and freely available, being an EH-Netter has it’s rewards. In addition to many social features like activity streams, profiles, groups, friends, messages, notifications and, of course, forums… You can also get published!

A post is a general term for all published works on this site be it from one of our regular columnists, or a guest writer or from an EH-Netter. This post is an example of a member submitted article. You can write on any security or hacking topic you like and submit it directly through your profile. It’s like having your own blog. Edit using the built-in tools, or write it in your favorite program and paste it in the form. Add pictures, links, format it… It’s up to you. Once done, you can save it for later or submit it for consideration right away.

All approved community submissions will appear on the Community Articles page, in your public profile, in search results and be announced to your friends. And since it is an article, it will also get it’s own dedicated forum topic for further discussion. If we find it meets a certain quality or is especially timely, it might even get promoted to the front page for all to see as a Featured Community Article (top right of front page).

Community Articles are more in the style of a blog post, because it does not go through an editing process. It will however need to be approved for appropriate content by an EH-Net editor. That doesn’t stop you from composing the next great novel or write in the style of a peer reviewed journal, but it also allows for a very informal submission. Your choice.

Quality counts much more than  quantity. You will get noticed, and you might just be asked to write an official article for EH-Net. Keep it going, and you could be the next columnist on your way to rock star status. Careful what you wish for!

What if I don’t want to wait for approval?

No problem. Then the Activity Stream is for you. Here you can post anything your heart desires. Quips, links, brainstorming ideas, or even use it as a makeshift blog. It just might not get the attention and exposure of a submitted article. Pick your poison. No judgment.

Build your personal brand as an EH-Netter

So just as Hello World! is the typical first program, EH-Net can be your first foray into a larger world of building your personal brand. We’ve always been here to help you with your career by providing great content. Now we’re expanding that to include helping you advance your career with some solid writing experience to go along with your technical chops. Plus, being published never hurt the resume.

Good luck,
The EH-Net Editing Team


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