Video: Alternate Data Streams (ADS): Hiding In Plain Site

By Dan Honkanen, GCIH, Security+, MCP, DCSE

stealthfighterThis video is a companion to “Alternate Data Streams (ADS): Hiding In Plain Site” by myself and Brian Wilson. I am going to show you how Alternate Data Streams (ADS) work and show you a small example of how to make one. ADS is a feature in the NTFS file systems to make a compatibility with HFS, or the old Macintosh Hierarchical File System. ADS has been a function of NTFS since NT 4.0 and is still available in Windows XP (and yes even Windows Vista). ADS gives you the ability to inject/add file data into existing files without affecting their functionality, size, or display in utilities like Windows Explorer or even “dir” under command line.

Video is currently being moved to our YouTube Channel
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