The Renaissance of Human Exploitation

chicagoconlogo.gifMike Murray was also at the last ChicagoCon in the fall of 2008. Since he is now going to be a regular columnist on The Ethical Hacker Network, this seems like an appropriate place to publish the slide deck and audio recordings from his talk. If you’ve never heard Mike speak on Social Engineering, then you’re in for a treat. Not only will you be entertained but also educated. The description of the talk is as follows: 

"Information security has seen some major changes in the paradigms of attackers through the past 15 years. From the early days of social engineering, through the golden age of server hacking, and to the present times where the human is once again the target, we have seen significant changes in the way that attackers exploit targets. Mike Murray, Former Director of Neohapsis Labs and social engineering expert, will detail those changes and provide a detailed understanding of the types of skills that are being used to exploit human targets today, as well as examples of strategies that you can take to defend against skilled social engineers." 

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Webcast: Modern Social Engineering – A Vital Component of Pen Testing 

Join Mike Murray and Chris Nickerson of TruTV’s Tiger Team as they prepare you for the future of pen testing. This webcast on Tuesday March 10, 2009 at 11:00 CST is your primer to the world of "Modern Social Engineering."

Below are the media files associated with the talk available for free downloading: 



Time: 1:14:35
File Size: 26.8 MB


Slide Deck

Slides: 55
File Size: 604 KB

Look for a slew of new content from Mike in the coming months as he prepares for ChicagoCon 2009s where he will not only be participating in the Ethical Hacking OCnference from May 8 – 9, but he and Chris Nickerson will also be instructing their very own 5-day course on SE, the Social Engineering Master Class, from May 4 – 8, 2009.

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