New book NOW AVAILABLE from our own wireless guru, Dan Hoffman!

New Radio Interview on Monday June 18.

Catch Dan and EH-Net Editor, Donald C. Donzal, live from 5:00 – 6:00 PM PST on the Computer Outlook Radio Program discussing Dan’s book and ChicagoCon. If you miss it, find it in the Archives.

Blackjacking: Security Threats to Blackberry, PDAs, and Cell Phones in the Enterprise” By Daniel Hoffman, published by Wiley. ISBN: 0470127546; Published: April 30, 2007; Pages: 336; Edition: 1st.

Each chapter begins with a realistic hack taking place in a common and easy to understand scenario.  An example would be, “Joe, Northeast sales manager for a Fortune 500 financial services company was at Starbucks checking his e-mail and accessing private customer mutual fund account information with his Blackberry…unbeknownst to Joe, he has just been hacked…” The chapter would then illustrate the exact steps taken to perform the hack and inform the reader of what steps and procedures need to be implemented to prevent the hack from taking place.  This illustration would include screenshots of the programs used to perform the hacks and diagrams to help the reader visualize what is taking place with the depictions and explanations being very visual in nature. Each mobile device (Blackberry, PDA and Cell Phone) will be represented in the book and specific, numerous hacks and protective measures will be illustrated for each device. All examples apply across the board to all mobile device hardware and software.

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