Video: Exploring Metasploit 3 and the New and Improved Web Interface – Part 2

| April 27, 2007

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Overview of Video

In this video we explore the revised MSFWeb interface for the Metasploit Framework 3.0. We specifically take a look at running "browser" exploits where you have to get the victim to connect back to your listening Metasploit instance. We'll use the ie_createobject exploit via the MSFweb GUI, and then we'll use the wmf_setabortproc exploit using the built in msfconsole (a new addition in MSFWeb 3.0). We'll also take a look at using custom meterpreter scripts; first to see if the victim is running in vmware and second, to clear the event logs.

Clear Event Log Scripts


Enjoy and keep an eye out for future videos. Feel free to post comments and suggestions for future videos.

Chris Gates

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