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EH-Net Relaunch - Blue Origin RocketWelcome to the EH-Net Relaunch

The Ethical Hacker Network was always designed as an online magazine combined with community forums. Although a magazine without a print edition was considered lunacy over a decade ago, so was the idea of a community dedicated to advancing hacking as a legitimate career. You couldn’t even say ‘hacking’ in professional circles and be taken seriously. Now both are accepted norms. But even our crazy ideas get old, and we need to get with the times. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. It is with great excitement that I can humbly say, “Welcome to the EH-Net Relaunch!” Let me give you a tour of the place.

We’re still a magazine and we’re still a community, but everything is expanded. It’s much more like new construction than just a simple remodel, yet all of the classic furnishings have made the trip into our new home. So all of the old articles are live, and joining us are a slew of new columnists and guest writers (see list below). We’re also adding not one but 2 regular monthly EH-Net TV events, EH-Net Live! and the EH-Net Biz Brief. And all of the old forums are back (see below for a gift for old EH-Netters), but the new community doesn’t stop there. We now have expanded profiles, personal activity streams, messaging, friends, public and private groups and all EH-Netters can submit articles. But best of all is that everything works in a single, integrated user experience.

EH-Net Magazine

The Magazine side of the house contains articles that have gone through an editing process. It includes not only the writings and video submissions of our regular columnists (some monthly, some quarterly), but it also includes guest writers made up of industry veteran and those up-and-comers with obvious talent that deserve a platform. Although the list of contributors will always be evolving, we will have the following sections:

Old and New “Columns” from:

Our “Features” section includes all articles from the magazine side that are not from columnists and contain book reviews, tutorials, opinion pieces, Skillz Challenges and more. Guests slated to join us in 2018 include:

  • Ray Doyle
  • Haydn Johnson
  • Todd Kendall
  • Luke (Pyr0) McOmie
  • And many others

The “EH-Net TV” section will start with 2 new items with additional productions in the pipeline but not quite ready for prime time. Starting in April, we will have “EH-Net Live!”, a 60 minute live monthly webinar with a deep dive into the topic of the month, and “EH-Net Biz Brief”, a 20 minute prerecorded monthly interview on big picture topics of the infosec industry with c-level executives and other security luminaries. Slated guests include:

  • Amit Yoran, CEO of Tenable
  • Jennifer Sunshine Steffens, CEO of IOActive
  • Dean De Beer, Co-Founder & CTO of ThreatGRID (Now part of Cisco Systems, Inc.)
  • Gary Harbison, CISO of Monsanto
  • Chris Nickerson, CEO of Lares
  • Marcus Carey, CEO of Threatcare
  • Andrew “bunnie” Huang, Hardware Hacker Extraordinaire of bunnie:studios
  • Daniel Suarez, NYT Bestselling Author of Daemon, FreedomTM, Kill Decision, Influx & Change Agent
  • EH-Net Columnists
  • More to come…

EH-Net Community

Gift for Old EH-Netters: If you had at least one post in the old forums, your account still exists on the new site. As a thanks, every one of you (and as many additional lurkers as I could) will receive a free gift in your inbox.

The Community side of the house has been greatly expanded. Although all content on EH-Net remains free and freely available, and lurking is just fine, membership has its benefits. EH-Net was and will continue to be a place for open interactions for everyone. From the absolute newbie to the seasoned IT pro looking for more security chops to the rock stars of cybersecurity, the EH-Net Community is yours to learn, advance your career, share your experiences, expand your personal brand… all to meet personal and professional goals. InfoSec is not only an industry that requires life-long learning, but it has also been long associated with giving back. In addition to forums, here are the new tools that will kick your giving and getting into high gear.

  • Expanded Profiles allow you to share more than just a username or nym. Be as private or public with your persona as you want while still being able to share your interests, expertise, projects, social media accounts, code repositories and more.
  • Messaging and Notifications make communication easier, from personal notes from your friends to getting notified if your article has been accepted. Stay in the know with little effort.
  • Groups can be public or private and have their very own dedicated forum. Join groups on anything from reverse engineering to study groups to hardware hacking. Can’t find the group you need… create it, control it and moderate it yourself!
  • Community Articles are your way to get published without having to go through an editing process. For more details, take a look at “Hello World!” And if of considerable quality or particularly timely, your community article could be promoted to the EH-Net front page.
  • Activity Streams let you share whatever might be on your mind – links, thoughts, helpful hints, open discussions or whether you got hired! You can filter your results and even see every activity from every EH-Netter from every feature throughout the site.
  • Global Calendar of Events help you get involved. Find a con in your area or plan your annual trip to your favorite event. You can even download them to save to your own calendar.

As an added benefit, your participation will be noticed be it helping a newbie, sharing your expertise or moderating the community. Top community contributors may be selected for miscellaneous prizes or even get assigned a Book Reviews which comes with publication on the magazine side for guaranteed front-page exposure and a free hard copy of the book. Continued quality content may lead to other guest writing assignments. We’ve also found some of our regular columnists this way.

The Mission Continues

Every day there is a new story about the latest breach or new type of attack. One thing that hasn’t changed since we started EH-Net is that the war continues, and it is a never-ending escalation on both sides. The one thing that has changed is that hackers are no longer just those geeks in the basement drinking Coke. They’re highly skilled, highly intelligent professionals in high demand and worth every penny of their increasing salaries.

When we went away for a while, several well-known and successful security professionals shared their stories of how EH-Net helped them. It’s not only gratifying but also inspiring. So much so that it led to a rebirth of ideas, approaches and energy. With an intensified focus, we will once again be the preferred destination for security professionals and look forward to helping a new generation go even further than we can imagine.

Don Donzal

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      Don Donzal

      Welcome to the EH-Net Relaunch The Ethical Hacker Network was always designed as an online magazine combined with community forums. Although a magazin
      [See the full article at: Welcome to the EH-Net Relaunch]

    • #135437

      Awesome! 🙂 Nice work, Don (as per usual). And props to the eLS crew too.

    • #154446

      Congratulation Don on putting the band back together!! Looking forward to this new launch.

    • #168186
      Phillip Aaron

      Looking forward to new content!

    • #168200
      Don Donzal

      Thanks all. At RSA this week. Met lots of old friends and made many new ones. Adding some great names to our list and will really start pumping new content over the coming weeks and months. The soft launch over the last couple weeks went pretty well. We overcame some issues, and now we’re ready to rock. Have you all registered for our first webinar next week? This and all future webinars will be listed on the top left column. Spread the word!


    • #169168


      Thanks for starting this up again.

      • #169212
        Don Donzal

        Hope you like it so far. Looking forward to more contributions from the EH-Netters in our new social features. Be sure to check out EH-Net Community Groups!

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