Letter from the Editor – October ’06

As we close out our first year, I figure it’s time once again for me to offer up some quick thoughts and announcements:

• The Skillz H@ck1ng Challenge continues to be successful thanks to all of your efforts. Don’t forget to sign up for your chance at a free copy of Core IMPACT. We wipe the slate clean for each challenge, so be sure to enter every other month. Next drawing is at the end of October. Also, we are looking to add one extra challenge before the end of the year. We haven’t closed the deal yet, but does this bother anyone? I didn’t think so.
• Information Security Decisions – I will be attending this conference and trade show that takes place Oct 18 – 20 in Chicago. Click here to sign up and put in the promo code EHNET. You know how I am about incentives, so anyone using that code will be remembered by me personally! Let us know in the forums if you plan to attend.
• ‘Ask the Expert’ – Our friends at TechTarget have launched a new security site named SearchSecurity Channel. To help get the ball rolling, they have asked me to contribute to their section on Information Security Training and Certification and in turn will help promote EH-Net and CSP Mag. Let us know what you think.
• Face for Radio – I have been asked to be a guest on Computer Outlook discussing general security for the masses in their Tech Tidbits segment. Tune in Thurs October 12, 2006 from 5:00 – 6:00 PST. It’s live from Las Vegas and free online.
• Milestones – We have started adding videos to the site thanks to Chris Gates, and we have hit the 1,000 member mark (thanks fox7). Onwards on upwards.

With many thanks,
Donald C. Donzal – Editor-In-Chief

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