Letter from the Editor – July ’06

Same as before, I’ll bullet point for brevity:

  • I’m proud to congratulate Dengar13, a contributing member of both CSP Mag and EH-Net, for winning this well-deserved prize. Many thanks to Mile2 IT Security Training for sponsoring our Free Monthly Givewaways featuring the Certified Penetration Testing Specialist (CPTS) Boot Camp worth $2600. We look forward to hearing of your experience. Feel free to offer your own congratulations to Dengar13 in the forums.
  • Congratulations also goes out to Scott Burkle of Kronos. He is the winner of the free copy of Core IMPACT. Many thanks to Core Security for continuing to be the sponsor of the Skillz H@ck1ng Challenge. Yes… I said continuing which means there will be another free copy given away at the end of the current challenge, Aug 31. Applause!!
  • The content on this site continues to grow in numbers and, most importantly, quality. Many thanks to those who contribute. I hope you find it rewarding (in more ways than one). Those who wish to write for us, please let us know.
  • Special Request of Our Readers: For reasons they will not reveal, http://www.digg.com/ has found us to be an unsuitable site. Please contact them directly, and maybe the pressure from numerous members will help get us off of their blacklist. I like to think of us as a highly professional online magazine. Hope you agree (BTW – It hasn’t hurt our numbers with 200,000 page views a month and growing.).

As always, if there’s anything I can do… PM me.



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