Letter from the Editor – April 2006

Time for some more news, and this month I am really excited about some of the great offerings we have coming soon. We’ll stick with the same format of simply listing the news items:

1. Skillz H@ck1ng Challenges will begin May 1, 2006 – Skillz will be hosted by Ed Skoudis of Counter Hack fame. Ed will introduce a new challenge every other month by some of today’s top hacking authors. We provide the scenarios, you come up with the solutions. To get the ball rolling, the first challenge will be written and judged by Ed himself. The top 3 entires will each get a signed copy of Counter Hack Reloaded. For details, Click HERE. Keep an eye on the Skillz Forum.

2. Now On Dedicated Server – We have successfully made the jump to a dedicated server, and we are pleased with the performance gains. Our big test will come when we get our next story on digg.com’s front page. Be sure to help us out and digg our stories using the link on each article. You can also use our Digg RSS Feed. Gotta love the digg effect!

3. EH-Net Members Eligible for CSP Mag Giveaways – Our sister site, CSP Magazine, has Free Monthly Giveaways. In the past we have included EH-Net members in giveaways related to this site. We are proud to announce that this is now a permanent change. All EH-Net members will be in the running for the Giveaways. Remember, participation is how we determine the winners, and it’s not by number of posts but the quality of your content.

4. Syngress Contest Still Open – Please fill out the questionnaire and win a pre-release copy of the last book in the Stealing the Network Series: How To Own A Shadow.

Donald C. Donzal, Editor-In-Chief

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