DIY Career in Ethical Hacking: The R-Rated Version

diy2.jpgThe first time I gave this speech was at the SANS WhatWorks in Pen Testing Summit in 2008. Although the content was what I wanted to cover, I did tone it down it bit for the audience. I had a strong desire to do the talk again in the future, but had no intention on presenting at my own event, ChicagoCon. I must admit, that it didn’t take too much arm twisting from some of the other EH-Netters to get me back to the podium.

So last fall at ChicagoCon 2008f (yes… that’s what the ‘f’ is for), I took the advice and went for it. Not only is this version slightly longer, the stories I tell are not all the same & the free resources section is much longer, but also the audience was different allowing me to let loose. As I state in the speech itself, it’s actually in the script for me to drop the ‘F’ Bomb… and I don’t mean ‘f’all. So if you really enjoyed the first one, then I’m excited to be able to share with you this new edition. If you’re of the Disney crowd, the please refer to the last one. I still think it’s worthwhile.

Below are the media files associated with the talk available for free downloading:



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Donald C. Donzal
The Ethical Hacker Network

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