EnCE – EnCase® Certified Examiner


Cost: $150.00
Other Requirements: Experience varies on path taken. See details.
Renewal: Every 2 years, 64 credit hours of continuing education

Phase I – Exam:

Questions: >100
Time: 120 Minutes
Passing Score: 80%
Format: Multiple Choice

Phase II – Practical:

Phase II is a practical test requiring students to examines computer evidence that is sent to them via CD-Rom. Students must submit their findings report to the certification coordinator within 60 days and receive a grade of 85% of higher to pass. A 30-day extension may be granted in certain circumstances. Candidates successfully passing Phase I and II of the process are awarded the EnCE designation.

Editors' Quick Thoughts

In security topics such as ethical hacking, forensics and incident response, it is generally a good idea to go for a vendor neutral cert. But (EXs: Microsoft in OSs, Cisco in networking, etc.) no one can dispute that Guidance Software's EnCase product line dominates the forensics field. So if you are looking for a more advanced forensics cert and work in an EnCase shop, this is a good one to get. Since law enforcement and the legal profession (even those without technical knowledge) know EnCase, being certified in this product can only help your career.

From the Horse's Mouth (Guidance Software's Web Site Content):


The EnCase® Certified Examiner (EnCE) program certifies both public and private sector professionals in the use of Guidance Software's EnCase® computer forensic software. EnCE certification acknowledges that professionals have mastered computer investigation methodology as well as the use of EnCase® during complex computer examinations. Recognized by both the law enforcement and corporate communities as a symbol of in-depth computer forensics knowledge, EnCE certification illustrates that an investigator is a skilled computer examiner.

Note: Qualified applicants will receive a free EnCE study guide.

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