OSCP – Offensive Security Certified Professional

Exam Details:

Questions: 4 – 5 challenges
Time: 24 Hours
Passing Score: 75%
Format: online, practical hacking challenge in an unfamiliar environment
Cost: $50 – 80.00 (Does not include course)
Other Requirements: Offensive Security 101 course required for exam try
Renewal: None.

Editors’ Quick Thoughts

This is a new offering not only of the training, Offensive Security 101, but of the credential as well. That being said, not many people know about. When credentials are not widely known, then it takes great content to get it off the ground. OSCP and the trainers at Offensive Security have that foundational requirement down. After all, they are the ones responsible for BackTrack, the widely popular bootable Linux distro for security practitioners. Now it’s time to see what becomes of it in the industry. We’ll offer more insight as this credential matures.

From the Horse’s Mouth (Offensive Security’s Web Site Content):

Offensive Security 101

"Offensive Security 101" is a course designed for network administrators and security professionals who need to get acquainted with the world of offensive security. The course introduces the latest hacking tools and techniques, and includes remote live labs for exercising the learnt material. This course gives a solid understanding of the penetration testing process, and is equally important for those wanting to either defend or attack their network.

How does it work?

Your registration to a course entitles you to downloadable "Offensive Security 101" course videos. You can watch these videos using a PC with speakers and a modern browser – at your own leisure. For an additional fee you can opt to take our online lab (30 day access) and certification challenge. The lab is available for practicing the newly learned tools and techniques learnt in the course, and is accessible remotely by registered students. During this month’s period, you can contact the trainers and other students via the Internet Relay Chat or through private messaging.  

More from Offensive Security.

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