CEPT – Certified Expert Penetration Tester

| July 25, 2006

Exam Details:

Questions: 100
Passing Score: 80%
Format: Multiple Choice
Other Requirements:

Editors' Quick Thoughts

Taught by Jack Koziol of Shellcoder's Handbook fame, this is truly an advanced course. The class has a heavy focus on code. So if you don't have a solid working knowledge of C++ or assembler on x86, this may not be for you. If you have what it takes, it may be one of the most difficult but rewarding classes you'll ever take.

From the Horse's Mouth (InfoSec Institute's Web Site Content):

9 Certified Expert Penetration Tester (CEPT) Domains:

  • Penetration Testing Methodologies
  • Network Attacks
  • Network Recon
  • Shellcode
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Memory Corruption/Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
  • Exploit Creation – Windows Architecture
  • Exploit Creation – Linux/Unix Architecture
  • Web Application Vulnerabilities

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