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Jason Haddix, VP of Trust and Security at Bugcrowd, Inc.

I am passionate about information security. Not only is security my career focus but it’s my hobby. I absolutely love my job.

In my previous role as Director of Penetration Testing I led efforts on matters of information security consulting. The gamut stretched from developing test plans for Fortune 100 companies to competing in “bake-offs” to win business against other top tier consulting vendors.

In my current role I serve as the Director of our Application Security Engineers and Technical Operations. This means I am an extension of (and advisor to) over 300+ security programs across many industry verticals. Under my direction, my team has triaged over 15,000 vulnerabilities this year alone. We also strive to keep the relationship between vulnerability researcher and customer a good one.

While I never call myself a “master” of anything, I do have a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. These skills make me adept at getting business, finding security vulnerabilities, and eventually leading a customer to a better security posture.

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