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Chris Gates, Sr Security Engineer, has been breaking things professionally for over a decade via Network & Web Application Penetration Testing, Red Teaming & Adversarial Simulation.  These days Chris splits his time being both a breaker and fixer. Chris is the author of Metta, a tool for adversarial simulation and contributes to other open source projects. In the past he has spoken at the United States Military Academy, BlackHat, DefCon, Wild West Hacking Fest, Toorcon, Brucon, Troopers, SOURCE Boston, Derbycon, LasCon, HashDays, HackCon, Bsides ATL, IT Defense, OWASP AppSec DC, and Devops Days. Chris is also a cofounder of NoVAHackers.  Blog: Twitter: @carnal0wnage Talks:


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